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The following are hardwoods we've worked with over the years to serve as an example of the broad selection available from Prodigy Hardwood Interiors. These and other species not shown may be limited in their availability at times however the purpose of this listing is to show there is a world of woods to select from with our company. Prodigy Hardwood Interiors and its affiliated companies, however, view the preservation of Forestland as paramount to the future of our industry.

We endeavor to purchase lumber and materials which have been harvested in a sustainable manner and in accordance with the prevailing laws of the land. Regardless of the country or environmental standard used, a prospective vendor of Prodigy Hardwood Interiors must support sustainable forestry practices. Sustainable forestry means following harvesting techniques that respect the integrity and biodiversity of the forest by managing and nurturing new growth in a manner which preserves soil, air, and water quality as well as wildlife and fish habitat. Our support of the sustainable forestry initiative as described ensures our ability to meet the needs of current and future generations of wood product consumers.

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