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Hardwood Trim & Mouldings


The baseboard, casing, crown, chairrail, wainscoating and other trim items you may need frame each and every room in your home. When done in a fine hardwood as we offer, it provides a means to add the warmth of wood throughout, complimenting your other hardwood elements from your floors to your furnishings.


From decades of collecting profiles we offer a very sizable selection to choose from, but we still offer custom profiles to ensure we can meet your needs precisely. Sometimes this means matching profiles from an historic home which we have done many times.


How we handle trim is by providing you with a catalog of all moulding items in many different profiles to select from. We suggest that your trim carpenter determine the footage needed of each item accounting for cutting waste. If you are within an approximate 50 mile radius of Louisville, KY and wish to work with Prodigy contracting, we will take care of this for you.


As with all the products we offer at Prodigy, our standards of machining and grading well exceed industry standards. We can precision machine your trim package in any species and it will serve as a premium quality upgrade to your home. More photos and info will be coming soon. Thank you!

We offer precision machined hardwood trim and mouldings.
We offer custom hardwood trim and mouldings at competitive prices.


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