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What was old is new again.

It is interesting to observe the changes in what is popular over the decades. In stark contrast to the more formal and opulent style that was favored and peaked in the 1980's, we are experiencing a resurgence in Historic, Rustic and Old World style projects in upscale residential construction on both the East and West Coast. We do still on occasion have very formal projects however the vintage look has never seemed to have such a broad appeal.

Regardless of your preference, the feeling of warmth and charm these types of hardwood floors offer is undeniable. Period homes which are built to design standards of well more than a half century ago are certainly trending. The woodwork in these homes is often one of the key features and the attention to detail determines the success of the build. The hardwood flooring, trim, cabinets and stairs are carefully crafted to capture an authentic look and feel of yesteryear.

This can't really be achieved with today's mass produced commodity products found at the home improvement centers but rather need to be made to order. This is creating a renewed appreciation for the many custom shops across the Country where genuine craftsmen produce wonderful alternatives to the standard offerings of large corporations. Small business is the engine that drives our economy and we as a custom producer are thankful for this nostalgia.

These homes can be captivating and awe inspiring in their detail and bring about some welcome challenges such as making what is new appear authentically old. We've reserected wood treatment techniques largely forgotten since the time of their common practice several hundred years ago to achieve this. To do this well is more involved than most may suspect however anyone who enjoys history and woodworking would find it fascinating.

The elaborate mixed species mosaic borders, medallions, and narrow clear grade exotic floors in gloss urethane we were providing some 20 to 25 years ago have given way to wide plank livesawn White Oak, Hickory and Walnut flooring with hand scraped, resawn, or distressed textures, chemical aging treatments and organic oil and wax low sheen finishes.

Both types have their fans but the latter of the two styles certainly wins when it comes to creating an inviting and comfortable setting which to live in. Whether you prefer one or the other or perhaps something inbetween, consider alternatives to the large corporate commodity products. As a family business we greatly appreciate our customers and work very hard to ensure they are satisfied.

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