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Hardwood Doors


The entrance to your home is the first impression to visitors and should reflect the style that fits you. Our custom entry and interior doors are hand crafted of solid hardwood and can be simple in design or as grand and elaborate as you wish.


As with most all of our products, our doors are built to order by our craftsmen using old world techniques. Contact Prodigy for a consult to discuss your needs, exchange ideas and photos, and come to a conclusion of what design would suit you and your project the best.


We will provide a free, no obligation proposal. The lumber which we use for your doors will also be selected to match or compliment your other selections with Prodigy, a complete custom hardwood interiors company offering you the best our industry has to offer at surprisingly affordable prices. More photos and info will be coming soon. Thank you!

We offer arched top hardwood doors at very competitive prices.
We offer completely custom hardwood doors at very competitive prices.


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